Price is per egg.


Percentage of colors are unknown. Possible colors include: black, splash, and/or blues.


Blue Jersey Giants color comes from the blue gene, which is an incomplete dominant, meaning that only one copy of the gene is needed to make a black bird blue. As long as you are breeding black to blue, you should come out with about 50% blue, 50% black. If you breed blue to blue, you will get 25% black, 50% blue, 25% splash.


Splash means that the chicken has two copies of the blue gene, and will be a pale blue in color, rather than deep slate. I've found this particular color to be variable in Jerseys. Some will just be very pale blue, others may appear whitish with flecks and streaks of blue in their feathering.

Jersey Giant Eggs

  • Background information on the Jersey Giant breed can be found HERE.

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