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Ayam Cemani hatching eggs are RISKY! You may hatch 100% or you may hatch none at all. We cannot guarantee the distribution of black pigment on chicks. 


The extremely rare and very unusual Ayam Cemani breed originated in Java, an island in Indonesia. The breed is thought to have been brought to Europe by Dutch seamen in 1998, and is still much more common in Europe than in America. Due to a gene that produces hyperpigmented black cells, the Ayam Cemani is black inside and out. Not only is the entire outside, including eyes, tongue, and nails black, but its organs, bones, and meat are also pigmented black. The Indonesians keep this breed as somewhat sacred and mystical, so rituals that include the Ayam Cemani are still practiced today. Although not common at all in the United States, the breed is said to be gentle and sweet, friendly towards people. They are not prolific layers, the typical hen producing about 100 eggs per year. The eggs are not black, but creamy in color and small in nature.   ---From

Ayam Cemani Eggs

  • Background information on the Ayam Cemani breed can be found HERE.

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